Arizona Cardinals brass: Kyler Murray's agent was doing his job with statement on contract

INDIANAPOLIS -- Neither Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim nor coach Kliff Kingsbury have talked to quarterback Kyler Murray since his agent, Erik Burkhardt, released a statement early Monday morning that explained how a detailed contract proposal was sent to the team, Keim and Kingsbury said Tuesday at the NFL scouting combine.

However, both felt it was just a business move by Burkhardt, who also represents Kingsbury. The Cardinals head coach said he didn't know the statement was going to be released.

"I have not talked to them in a few days, but there's always been current dialogue," Keim said. "The one thing I'll say is in regards to the statement, I know everybody's seen that, I think it's an agent doing his job. I have a lot of respect for Eric Burkhardt and, obviously, Kyler Murray.

"From my standpoint, like it's always been moving forward, any kind of speculation, any negotiations, any conversations and dialogue will be certainly held confidential between the three of us."

Keim doesn't think Murray would sit out this season if he doesn't get an extension and isn't concerned that the offseason saga may have repercussions for the quarterback.

The Cardinals plan on picking up Murray's fifth-year option, which would be a moot point if Arizona gives Murray an extension this offseason.

Keim, however, wouldn't budge on questions about extending Murray.

When asked if he felt the need to give Murray an extension this offseason, his response was terse.

"I told you I won't get into that," Keim said.

And when Keim was asked if he's seen enough from Murray during his first three seasons to warrant an extension at the level that some of the NFL's elite quarterbacks, such as Kansas City's Patrick Mahomes and Buffalo's Josh Allen, received, Keim refused to discuss it publicly.

"But I will say this, looking back three years ago, the strides that he's made both on and off the field have been very impressive, and there's no doubt that he's a huge, huge reason for the turnaround and success," Keim said.

Kingsbury said he and Burkhardt keep their own business relationship separate from Burkhardt's business relationship with Murray, and that it's not hard for Kingsbury to not let that complicate his relationship with either.

"With me and Erik, we talk about what he and I need to talk about and any negotiations he's gonna have are with Steve, and we know that's part of the deal," Kingsbury said. "But I love Kyler, I love Erik, and that's not going to change."

Keim said having Kingsbury and Murray represented by the same agent doesn't complicate things for him.

"When it's tough decisions to be made and money to be spent, Kliff runs for the hills," Keim said with a laugh. "You guys know his personality. He wants no part of that smoke."

Kingsbury said his relationship with Murray is "in a great place" and that the two talk "consistently" about football. The coach stated that his long-term goal is to have Murray be the Cardinals' quarterback.

"He understands that and he understands my view of him and how I feel about him," Kingsbury said. "And once again, I'm gonna refer back to the business side of things and that's not something that I deal with, but it's all part of the business right now and things that we'll continue to work through."