Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford says he will be ready to throw at training camp

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- After not throwing during the Los Angeles Rams' offseason program because of a right elbow injury, quarterback Matthew Stafford has said he will "definitely" be ready to throw during training camp.

Stafford received an injection in his right elbow for an injury he dealt with during the 2021 season. The quarterback took part in team drills but hasn't thrown the ball during minicamp this week.

"I'm progressing kind of into that and through [being able to throw] at the moment," Stafford said Wednesday. "So I'm just trying to make sure we're smart, but at the same [time] be as ready to go as I can possibly be come Day 1 when we're out there throwing the ball around."

Stafford said he still has "a lot of work to do physically just to get ready to go" and feels like he's entering training camp "in peak position to go out there and play at a high level."

Part of that process, he said, will be spending part of the next six weeks working with his receivers.

"As I'm progressing personally through my program getting ready to go, I'll be around the guys," Stafford said. "We'll be finding time. That's the great thing about being in Southern California, everybody wants to be here anyway. So it will be great to be able to get out there and get some work with some of those guys."

Rams coach Sean McVay said part of the reason he chose to structure his offseason program the way he did -- cutting off one week of OTAs and holding minicamp this week -- was because of Stafford's throwing limitations.

Still, McVay said he noticed that Stafford was "coaching guys up" and benefiting from some of the "above-the-neck-emphasis drills" that the team was running.

"I always want our guy out here throwing, but I thought he handled it as well as he could," McVay said.

And while Stafford said it wasn't fun for him to come out and not be able to throw the ball during practice, he absolutely understands why that was the case this offseason.

"I love practicing," Stafford said. "It isn't that fun for me to ... come out here and not throw the ball. I want to go out there and throw the ball. I'd love to be out here. I'd love to get reps, be able to practice and compete.

"It was hard for me to not be able to do that, but it's the right move."