Madden hotline fields 1,000 calls as it opens to take fans' ratings complaints

Do you have a problem with one of the ratings in EA Sports' Madden NFL 23? Now, there's a place you can take your gripes that isn't social media.

The company launched a ratings hotline on Thursday, where fans, players of the game and, theoretically, actual NFL players could call to complain or make other comments about the latest Madden ratings, which were announced earlier this month.

EA Sports said some people who call might be able to talk to one of the adjusters live, and if their arguments are valid and proven, there's a possibility that feedback could influence a shift in a player's rating.

Emma Waldren, an employee in the content strategy and partnerships division of Madden, tweeted Thursday night that the hotline had received 1,000 calls in its first day of operation.

Madden NFL 23 released its ratings in July with four players with a 99 rating, the top rating in the game. Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald was a member of the 99 Club for the sixth straight season and was joined by Las Vegas Raiders receiver Davante Adams, Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett and San Francisco 49ers left tackle Trent Williams.

Tom Brady was the top-rated quarterback in the game with a 97 overall rating, followed by Aaron Rodgers with a 96.