Leonard Fournette got Tom Brady a GOAT cake for his birthday

Leonard Fournette ordered the cake from The Cake Girl in Tampa. Kristina Lavallee/The Cake Girl, Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. -- What do you get the GOAT and owner of seven Super Bowl rings for his 45th birthday on Wednesday? Tom Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammate Leonard Fournette, who has never been sheepish about expressing his affinity for Brady, opted for a cake, despite his initial concerns that it wouldn't mesh with Brady's TB12 diet.

"With him, his diet is strict ... he doesn't eat sugar," said Fournette who had cake delivered to the Bucs' AdventHealth Training Center on Tuesday afternoon.

"Happy early bday to my old head," Fournette tweeted.

The cake, made by Kristina Lavallee and her team at The Cake Girl in Tampa, features a three-dimensional goat head with fondant horns, facial features and piped icing, with the words "Happy 100th Birthday" written on it.

"He literally just said, 'I want a goat cake. And I said, 'An actual 3D goat?'" said Lavallee, who made the cake in four hours. "At first, I was like, 'What? For Tom?' No, no way."

There was no avocado crème filling on the inside, though, despite Brady's penchant for the fruit.

"That's nasty," said Fournette, who instead requested a vanilla cake with buttercream icing.

What else will Brady get for his birthday?

Tampa Bay coach Todd Bowles would not commit to giving him the day off as former Bucs coach Bruce Arians had done previously.

"Everything's negotiable, but we'll see," Bowles said. "We haven't given anybody else the day off on their birthday. If it falls on that day, so be it."

"As long as we keep him upright and he's walking, that's a great birthday. What do you give the guy that has everything, right?" Bowles chuckled.

Bucs cornerback Carlton Davis III had a similar take.

"He probably has everything," he said. "Probably just like a hug, I guess."

Offensive lineman Tristan Wirfs concurred.

"I'll give him a hug or something. I'll give him a gift card to Subway or something," Wirfs said, before it was pointed out that Brady already had a connection to Subway after shooting a commercial with the company last year.

"S---," Wirfs said, before shifting gears and marveling at Brady's career. "It doesn't make sense. I feel like he needs to sit down or take a knee or something. It just doesn't make sense."