Patrick Mahomes is the latest athlete to join the Fortnite world

In reality, it's impossible to be Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. But that's no longer the case in the virtual world.

While you can't be the Super Bowl-winning MVP QB, you can play as him in Fortnite. In the Fortnite Icon Series, Mahomes drops into the Epic Games franchise.

According to Epic Games, the Mahomes looks -- which will be released on Wednesday -- feature three styles: Default, Gladiator Mindset and Gameday Gladiator. An alter-ego -- Mahomes Saucy Style -- will also be in the game and have its own look.

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The outfits and accessories are gladiator-themed and feature similar weapons and accessories. One look features Mahomes' big wraparound sunglasses.

The Mahomes Saucy Style is themed around Mahomes' love for a certain condiment. It has Mahomes in a suit with a ketchup-bottle pattern and sauce-red lapels.

The NFL MVP, entering his sixth season in the league, is the latest to have character skins in the game. He joins NBA megastar LeBron James, soccer greats Harry Kane and Neymar, tennis player Naomi Osaka and Olympian Chloe Kim.