Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell and rookie Aidan Hutchinson get roasted on Hard Knocks

Josh Adams, a Motown-based comedian, crashed the Detroit Lions team activity meeting with a boatload of jokes for head coach Dan Campbell, rookie Aidan Hutchinson and anyone in his vicinity.

Adams' roasting session was included on the latest episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks" featuring the Lions.

"I didn't know Coach was that big, damn," Adams said of Campbell. "We need you on special teams, f--- all the coaching. We need you out there breaking up the wedge, fam. He walked up to me big as s--- talking about 'how you doing?' I'm like what the f---, when did Hulk Hogan start coaching."

Adams impersonated Campbell saying, "what's going on brother?" with the team crying from laughter in the room.

He also made fun of Campbell's now famed up-downs during training camp.

"Doing them half up-downs, them last six didn't count," Adams joked. "I seen them. Them wasn't no up-downs. You was down there doing yoga. That was a downward dog. Get your a-- down there like everybody else, let that chest hit the ground, Coach."

Adams roasted Hutchinson next, saying he looks like a big "boy band member."

"Just Justin Timberlake coming off the edge," Adams joked about Hutchison. "Just a big, strong Backstreet Boy."

Campbell suggested bringing in a comedian in the midst of joint practices and preseason action against the Indianapolis Colts. Solomon Williams of the Lions football communications team made the connection with Adams. Within 24 hours of the team reaching out, the comedian was booked.

Although Campbell's reaction wasn't included on the latest Hard Knocks episode, the Lions coach said he couldn't stop laughing.

"It's one of those things. It breaks the monotony," Campbell said. "We had a little bit of time and at times, everything can be so serious and to just have a little laughter with the guy next to you, I think goes a long way and the guys can appreciate it ... It just lightens the mood."

The Lions have been proactive and intentional with inviting local talent and celebrities out to training camp and team events. Former NBA player Jalen Rose, comedian Carlos "HaHa" Davis, rapper Sada Baby, former Lions star Barry Sanders, Detroit Pistons big man Isaiah Stewart and Pistons general manager Troy Weaver, are among those who spent time with the team. Their hope is to change the culture of the Lions.

"It's like Detroit was a dirty word for so long and we don't want that," Campbell told ESPN. "We want people to embrace the city of Detroit and what it's about ... I just think it's good for all of us."