Los Angeles Rams hire Jay Gruden as consultant

CINCINNATI -- The Los Angeles Rams have hired Jay Gruden as a consultant, coach Sean McVay said Thursday.

Gruden, wearing Rams apparel, was at Thursday's joint practice between Los Angeles and the Cincinnati Bengals, but McVay said Gruden will work remotely for the team.

"You guys know how close Jay has been to me," McVay said. "He's been such an instrumental part of my coaching career. Huge mentor. So he's going to help us out in a consulting role.

"He's a guy that I heavily rely on and have always, whether he is rocking the Rams blue or not."

Gruden and McVay were both on the staff of Gruden's brother, Jon, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2008. McVay served on Jay Gruden's staff as an offensive coordinator in Washington from 2014 until he was hired by the Rams after the 2016 season.

Gruden spent the 2020 season as the Jacksonville Jaguars' offensive coordinator but was let go at the end of the season.