Broncos get a safety as 49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo steps out of the back of the end zone; Dan Orlovsky reacts

DENVER -- With their offense stuck in neutral for much of the evening, the Denver Broncos' defense had to chip in on the scoring Sunday night with a safety when San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was forced out of the back of the end zone in the third quarter.

Trailing 7-3 with just over 10 minutes remaining in the third quarter, and the 49ers in a second-and-10 at their own 2-yard line, Garoppolo dropped back under heavy pressure and stepped out of the back of the end zone before he threw.

It was a bit of good fortune given the pass was intercepted by Broncos linebacker Bradley Chubb and would have resulted in a touchdown return if the play had not been blown dead due to the safety.

It gave the Broncos their first points since a field goal from Brandon McManus early in the second quarter.

The Broncos took an 11-10 lead in the fourth quarter on Melvin Gordon III's one-yard run.

The safety was reminiscent of a play former Detroit Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky is known for after he ran out of the back of the end zone against the Minnesota Vikings during the Lions' winless 2008 season.

Orlovsky, who is now an ESPN analyst, had some fun with the play as he tweeted he has never been happier.