Dallas Cowboys OL Jason Peters gives Philadelphia Eagles fans brutal compliment

FRISCO, Texas -- Jason Peters spent 12 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. He was named a Pro Bowler nine times and won a Super Bowl there. So he understands Eagles fans better than most.

He is now on the other side of the NFC East rivalry as a member of the Dallas Cowboys and will make his return to Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday.

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And he meant this in the nicest way possible: "I just know the Philly fans are f---ing idiots."

"But they know that. They pride themselves on being nasty, vulgar," Peters said. "They going to cuss at you. They going to throw stuff. They pride they self on that, so they know that. Philly fans is the wildest fans out there to me."

Peters is downplaying his return. He said it would have meant more if he had played there last year after joining the Chicago Bears. He even trotted out, "it's just another game for me."

But Philadelphia meant -- and means -- a lot to him.

"I got my first Super Bowl. I laid a lot of bricks there," Peters said. "Philly, that's my city. Just to go back, it'll be great to beat 'em."

Peters said he had a few ex-Eagles teammates text him Wednesday. One may have called while he was in the locker room, too.

"They know what I bring to the table, and they're going to be prepared for it. No doubt," Peters said. "They know what's coming to them."

A rib cartilage injury kept Peters out of last week's win against the Los Angeles Rams. He had played a handful of series in the previous two games at left guard after the Cowboys signed him prior to the regular-season opener. He was limited in practice on Wednesday but said he will be good to go.

And Peters thinks he knows what will come from the Eagles fans as he wears the Cowboys' star.

"Them fans, they so wild. They might go to throwing stuff at me," he said. "I'm not expecting nothing worse than them throwing stuff at me."