Falcons score on a fumble recovery of a fumble recovery

ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Falcons scored in the weirdest of ways in the first quarter against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, on a fumble recovery of a fumble recovery.

49ers running back Jeff Wilson took the ball up the middle for one yard when Falcons linebacker Rashaan Evans made contact with him, forcing the fumble. The ball bounced around on the ground for a while when A.J. Terrell picked it up and ran wide toward the San Francisco end zone.

He returned the ball 21 yards and then extended to get to the end zone. In extending -- with San Francisco's George Kittle in pursuit -- Terrell lost control of the ball. It dropped into the end zone.

Had it gone out of bounds, it would have been a touchback for San Francisco. But the ball stayed in bounds, almost still, and Falcons safety Jaylinn Hawkins came sliding in to recover the ball and score the touchdown. It was the first fumble recovery and touchdown of Hawkins' career, Evans' first forced fumble of the season (second of his career), was the first fumble recovery of Terrell's career and a yard from his first NFL touchdown.