Skunk invades Cleveland Browns stadium during game vs. Bucs

Kirk Irwin/AP

With a record of 3-7, the Cleveland Browns' season has been a stinker.

Now, the Browns have an actual skunk hanging around in their stadium.

The skunk was spotted in Section 140 around halftime of Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

According to Cleveland.com, the skunk was last seen hiding beneath a step.

The skunk wasn't the only trespasser at FirstEnergy Stadium this week. On Tuesday morning, a possible break-in occurred, with the field being vandalized and circles driven around the west half of the turf. The Cleveland Police Department has been investigating the incident as a possible break-in, noting it appeared the individual might have jumped a fence and driven around on a golf cart.

The tire marks were still visible Sunday.

The Browns have had encounters with rodents in the past. During a 2018 game against the New York Jets, an opossum was caught inside FirstEnergy Stadium. The Browns came back to win their first game in 635 days, and the heroic rodent earned the moniker "Rally Opossum."