Brian Robinson, Kirk Cousins top NFL quotes of the week

Washington Commanders/Twitter

Brian Robinson Jr. can hook you up with a massive hat if you really want one, and more from our NFL quotes of the week.

'If you want a big hat, let me know.'

Washington Commanders running back Brian Robinson Jr., on his friend's "big hat" company, which supplied the (extremely) big hat he wore over the weekend.

'[Justin Jefferson] got grills. That's probably the next step. I need to get some custom grills.'

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, known for "icing out" this season, after his team's Thanksgiving win over the New England Patriots.

'Why don't you guys go to the officials ... and ask them about the play.'

Patriots coach Bill Belichick, on a Hunter Henry touchdown being reversed to an incomplete pass.

'I secretly like it.'

Former Harvard Crimson quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who went to Harvard, on people always bringing up that he went to Harvard, via "Eli's Places."

'I wish I had that third down back and, in all honesty, wish I'd used the timeout.'

Indianapolis Colts coach Jeff Saturday, on declining to call a timeout and switch up a call before a third down late in Sunday's 24-17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.