Commanders use Cheeseman's mustache for Pro Bowl campaign

The Washington Commanders used long-snapper Camaron Cheeseman's mustache for a creative Pro Bowl campaign Washington Commanders/Twitter

The Pro Bowl vote is heating up as fans have until Thursday to vote for their favorite players.

The Washington Commanders took their campaign for long-snapper Camaron Cheeseman to the next level.

On Wednesday afternoon, the team posted an image of Cheeseman to its Twitter account saying that for every 100 retweets the post gets, they will enlarge the long-snapper's mustache.

The tweet received over 750 retweets (and counting) since it was published, which meant Cheeseman's stache received quite the size upgrade.

Cheeseman is in his second year in the NFL after being drafted by Washington in the sixth round in the 2021 draft. He became the team's starting long-snapper during his rookie season and has played in every game for the Commanders since his arrival.

His name is unique enough for people to remember. It's just the pronunciation that could confuse some fans.

"People always ask me, 'Is it Cheese-man or is it Cheese-min?' And I'm like, 'I think it's Cheese-min.' ... But yeah, people just call me 'Cheese,'" Cheeseman told ESPN in 2021.

Fan votes account for one-third of selecting the players for the new Pro Bowl Games, with player and coach votes each representing one-third, as well. It will be Cheeseman's first Pro Bowl nod if he makes the roster.