What are the new NFL playoff overtime rules? What to know

The 2023 NFL playoffs are underway. If a game ends in a tie, the league's new overtime rules will debut.

NFL owners approved new overtime rules in March, largely in reaction to public outcry after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills in overtime last season during the divisional playoff round with an opening-possession touchdown.

In overtime this postseason, both teams will get at least one possession -- even if the team that has the first possession scores a touchdown.

If the team that gets possession first doesn't score a touchdown, or if the score is tied after each team has had the ball, the next score would end the game.

If the team that possesses the ball first commits a safety on the first possession, the kickoff team would win and the game would end.

Other overtime rules:

  • The break between the end of regular time and the first overtime period is no more than three minutes.

  • Playoff overtime is one 15-minute period, followed by another 15-minute period (if necessary), the same as the first half of a game. Each team gets three timeouts during a half.

  • All reviews will be initiated by the replay official with no coaches' challenges.