Tee Higgins promises 'laughs and giggles' if he sees Damar Hamlin

CINCINNATI -- Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins said it will be all smiles if he gets an opportunity to meet with Damar Hamlin on Sunday now that the Buffalo Bills safety is out of the hospital.

Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest after tackling Higgins in the Week 17 game between the teams. He has been spending more time at the team's facility as he continues his recovery.

"I'm pretty sure we're just going to chop it up, laughs and giggles and just be happy to see him," Higgins said Thursday about a potential conversation with Hamlin prior to the AFC divisional round game on Sunday.

Higgins was in communication with Hamlin's family in the days following the Week 17 game that was ultimately canceled following the injury. He said he hasn't yet spoken to Hamlin.

"Just letting his family do what he needs to do with all his loved ones and stuff like that," Higgins said. "Hopefully I get to see him on the field Sunday and speak to him."

The two players had ties before the incident. Higgins and Hamlin have a mutual friend in Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd, and all three players spent time together in the Pittsburgh area during Boyd's annual summer camp for kids.

Following Cincinnati's wild-card playoff win over the Baltimore Ravens last weekend, quarterback Joe Burrow said the positive updates regarding Hamlin's condition has helped the Bengals continue to move forward.

"I think now that everyone knows he's doing a lot better and back with the team, it makes us all feel a lot better about playing football," Burrow said Sunday.

Higgins agreed with that sentiment on Thursday.

"Just another opportunity to go out there and be who I am, be who we are as a team," Higgins said. "Obviously knowing what happened the last time, the whole situation, knowing that he's OK now is gonna help us out in the long run."