Chiefs' Travis Kelce 'pretty sure' Patrick Mahomes will win MVP

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Travis Kelce has an obvious bias, given that he's been a teammate of Patrick Mahomes for six seasons. But the Kansas City Chiefs tight end said he saw Mahomes pick up his game this season after the Chiefs turned over most of their wide receiving group in a way that makes him worthy of being selected as the NFL's MVP.

"He's always playing a step ahead," Kelce said. "He's always playing chess out there in terms of he's got three or four moves already in his pocket depending on what the defense does. I love playing with him. He's nonstop, always trying to find ways to make himself better. You saw that more so this year than in any other year we've played knowing that the pieces were a little different in terms of the weapons he has. The scrutiny, everybody was kind of looking to see how he was going to take his game to the next level and sure enough, I'm pretty sure he'll win MVP."

The MVP award will be announced Thursday night as the Chiefs continue preparations for Super Bowl LVII against the Philadelphia Eagles. Mahomes, after throwing for more than 5,000 yards and leading the NFL with 41 touchdown passes, is the favorite to win MVP for the second time in his career.

Mahomes was MVP in 2018, his first season as a starter, after throwing 50 touchdowns and for more than 5,000 yards. "It would mean the world to be able to win that award," Mahomes said. "It's so special. It's so hard to do and there are so many greats that have won that award and to be a part of that history is amazing.

"It's not only a testament to me but my team because as much as it's an individual award it's a team award as well and I hope my teammates know that. I'm sure they'd be excited for me. I'd hope that they would be. It's not just me. In order to win the MVP you have to be on a great team and, and especially at the quarterback position now you're going to have great players around you because while you're throwing the football, they've got to make the plays happen."

The Chiefs continue practice Thursday and Friday. Mahomes and coach Andy Reid said the Chiefs' preparations have been good and they would be ready in time for kickoff on Sunday.

"We have an extensive game plan in," Mahomes said. "You always do for the Super Bowl, but I think the guys have kind of really been able to nail it down over this last week and a half and we'll continue to really finish all the details and make sure that we're ready to go.

"Everything speeds up in the Super Bowl. We want guys to feel confident with the plays that we have called and go out there and be able to execute them. So I'm glad with where we're at. We'll continue to get better as we go."

Reid said, "They can kind of see the end of the tunnel of practice, all these practices that they've had leading up to this thing. I love this team. I love the energy of the team. They're fun to be around. They kind of know when to be crazy and when to crank it down and tune it in and be serious. I think it's a good bunch, unique. I felt like during the season every week I was getting to know these new guys a little bit better. We had so many changes and I love the way everything gelled there personalitywise."