Simone Biles and Packers safety Jonathan Owens support each other from afar

Gymnast Simone Biles and football player Jonathan Owens married this spring in Texas. Getty Images

Saturday was a big night in the Biles-Owens household, even if neither Simone Biles nor Jonathan Owens were at home.

While Simone, the Olympic gymnastics champ, was making her return to competition after a two-year break, her husband Jonathan had just moved into the Green Bay Packers starting lineup at safety during the team's annual Family Night practice at Lambeau Field.

If anyone in the crowd of 65,222 noticed Owens sprinting to the locker room, it was because he wanted to see how his wife fared at the U.S. Classic in Chicago.

"I text her right after, because I knew her phone was probably blowing up," Owens said. "I just told her to call me whenever she gets a moment. So I didn't get to really FaceTime her until around 11, but she was excited. She was with her family too, so I let them have that moment, and my family was in town too. But we talked, we stayed up until about 3 in the morning just on the phone, just talking and reliving the moment. I know it felt like a dream to her so I was super excited for her."

As happy as Owens was for Biles, she felt the same in return.

"She was excited for me, man," he said. "That's the crazy thing. She was texting me before, giving me a bunch of encouragement. I was excited for her too, so it was good for everybody."