Broncos coaches, players 'absolutely embarrassed' by 70-20 loss

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- As they all sifted through the historical disaster of Sunday's "embarrassing" 70-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins, the Denver Broncos may not have had room for all of the emotional baggage on their chartered flight home.

"It definitely feels bigger than one game,'' Broncos safety Kareem Jackson said. "Any time you lose the way we lost [Sunday], s--- is embarrassing. Absolutely embarrassing. Like I said, we didn't do anything we put in place."

Added coach Sean Payton: "Obviously that was embarrassing ... tough to watch. I'm at a loss for words. ... Every once in a while in this league, you get your butt whipped, but this was more than that."

And more, from Broncos linebacker Alex Singleton: "Embarrassed. Pissed. We're not happy with it. It was the most embarrassing game I've ever been a part of. It's the most embarrassing game I've ever watched."

The numbers were staggering, something on the order of a homecoming game for the Dolphins.

The 70 points and 726 yards allowed were the most ever surrendered by the Broncos and the third-highest point total and second-highest yardage total in a game in NFL history. The 70 points were the most allowed in an NFL game since 1966 and the yardage total was second only to the 1951 Rams win over the Yanks.

The Dolphins scored 10 touchdowns, averaged 10.3 yards per play and rushed for 350 yards. Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa completed his first 17 passes on the way to going 23-of-26 for 309 yards and four touchdowns.

Dolphins rookie De'Von Achane rushed for 203 yards with two touchdowns (and another two TDs receiving) as Raheem Mostert finished with 82 yards rushing and three touchdowns (four total). Miami receiver Tyreek Hill finished with 157 yards receiving on his nine catches to go with a touchdown.

The Broncos had three turnovers -- two fumbles, one interception -- and the Dolphins punted once.

"We've got to look closely at what we were doing,'' Payton said. "When someone runs the ball up and down the field like those guys did, throw it up and down the field, you know, it's not acceptable. We just got to get to the tape.''

Quarterback Russell Wilson was asked if he had ever experienced anything like what happened Sunday and he paused before offering a simple, "Uh, no.''

Things got so bad in the fourth quarter that Dolphins backup quarterback Mike White tossed a 68-yard touchdown pass to reserve wide receiver Robbie Chosen, who was elevated from the Dolphins' practice squad for the game.

The Broncos' 122 points allowed in their 0-3 start make them the only team in the league that has surrendered more than 100 points. The next-closest? The New York Giants have given up 98 points in three games.

"Embarrassing. We came in with a plan; we didn't execute nothing we put in place. Nothing,'' Jackson said. "From the top guy to the last guy, we didn't execute anything that we put in place for this game.''

Some coaches say after a rout that they won't spend much time reviewing the game. Payton, however, said it will be a long day for all involved Monday, perhaps even into Tuesday.

"It'd be one thing to say we're going to get on to the next game," Payton said. "We have to watch that tape. [Monday] will be tough for a lot of players, tough for us as coaches.''

The Broncos next play at Chicago on Sunday in what is now as important a trip as the team has had in years. Denver still has two games with the Kansas City Chiefs as well as one against the Green Bay Packers looming before its Week 9 bye.

"It's one game, as s---ty as that is to say or whatever,'' Singleton said. "It's one game. We've got to learn. We'll never play worse. Obviously, there's something wrong.''

Added receiver Courtland Sutton: "There's losing, and there's getting your butt handed to you. We definitely got our butt handed to us."