Aaron Rodgers: Jets offense 'needs to grow up,' not point fingers

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Injured New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers wants his teammates to do a better job of handling adversity, and he'd like the fans -- including franchise icon Joe Namath -- to stay positive.

Rodgers, in his weekly spot on "The Pat McAfee Show," said Tuesday that he didn't care for the sideline behavior during Sunday's 15-10 loss to the New England Patriots.

"I think we need to hold our poise a little bit better across the board," Rodgers said. "Just offensively, we need to not have some of those things happen on the sideline and to be a little better and to be a, just be a little better competitors."

Wide receiver Garrett Wilson and running back Michael Carter were caught on camera in animated conversations with assistant coaches. Carter, in particular, was hot; he was screaming at running backs coach Taylor Embree.

Rodgers, who watched from his home in Malibu, California, said there were "too many little side conversations, and we just need to grow up a little bit on offense and lock in and do our jobs and not point fingers at each other -- and that's everybody. Don't point fingers at the coaching staff, don't point fingers at each other. Just get back to work and get the job done."

The Jets (1-2) have dropped two straight games, as the Zach Wilson-led offense produced only two touchdowns in the two defeats. Wilson, who replaced Rodgers on the fifth play of the opener, has come under fire.

"I feel like if I was there, some of those things wouldn't be happening," said Rodgers, who underwent Achilles surgery Sept. 13. "[I'm] not sure we'd be 3-0 -- I don't know that. I'd like to think there's a possibility of that, but it's more the side stuff that I don't like and that I want to see us stick together through the tough times."

Namath fueled the firestorm Monday, ripping Wilson in an interview with "The Michael Kay Show" on ESPN New York radio. Namath said Wilson was "awful" against the Patriots, adding that he'd trade the 2021 No. 2 pick because he has "seen enough of Zach Wilson." He also said coach Robert Saleh and general manager Joe Douglas should be replaced.

Rodgers was asked about Namath's comments, and although he didn't address Namath by name, he made it clear he didn't appreciate the negativity.

"When we're not having success, how do we respond? How do we respond to adversity? And that goes for our fan base and former players as well," Rodgers said. "You're not helping the cause.

"I'd like to see everybody stick together -- our fan base, our former players and our current players because there's too much negativity and the world is crashing down after three weeks. [It's] a long season, a lot of time, a lot of things that can happen. So, let's just take a couple breaths, OK? I'm not going to say we need to relax. Let's take a couple breaths."

Garrett Wilson, in his weekly spot on the "Bart & Hahn Show" on ESPN New York radio, said he had "really no reaction" to Namath's comments.

"We love Joe Namath in the Jets' facility, and we love everything he did for the New York Jets," Wilson said. "That's something that doesn't need to be said. He's got the right to an opinion, the right to feel any type of way."

Wilson added, "I hope we find a way to use that as ammunition and one day that Joe Namath can admit he was wrong and make him eat his words. That's what it comes down to. ... We love Joe Namath, but we love Zach, too. We're confident in Zach."

Rodgers, in the early stages of rehab for his injured leg, hinted he might attend the game Sunday night against the Kansas City Chiefs at MetLife Stadium.

"You never know who you're going to see at the game," he said.

He might have been referring to Taylor Swift, who caused a frenzy Sunday when she attended the Chiefs' home game against the Chicago Bears after being invited by tight end Travis Kelce.