Sources: NFL won't share salary cap projections until January

As some NFL teams begin to ponder their offseason plans, they will have to wait to hear about the confines of the salary cap that they will be working within.

The league sent a memo last week to teams stating that, due to "open matters" that the NFL and NFL Players Association still are addressing and trying to resolve, there will be no projections of the 2024 salary cap until early January, league sources told ESPN.

The memo said that as soon as the sides reach an agreement, the salary cap projections will be released to teams for planning purposes.

NFL teams usually are informed of the following year's cap projection at the league's winter meeting, which is happening this week in Dallas. The salary cap for the 2023 season is $224.8 million, and the cap typically increases anywhere from $12 million to $15 million, which would make the 2024 cap in the $240 million range.

Teams anxiously await this information so they can continue to make roster-building plans, with the final cap total impacting some of the decisions they make. They use the salary cap information to help plan free agent moves and offer contract extensions to players they want to retain.