Colts cut job of longtime personnel adviser

INDIANAPOLIS -- Apparently, even Bill Polian's closest friends aren't immune from the Indianapolis Colts' economic cutbacks.

The team announced Friday that the jobs of longtime player personnel official Dom Anile and several others in the scouting department were eliminated in recent restructuring efforts.

Anile, 71, has often been praised by Polian, the team president. Polian has also credited Anile with being a key to the Colts' string of successful drafts and their ability to find undrafted free agents -- such as running back Dominic Rhodes and center Jeff Saturday -- who later became key players.

"He played a major role in our success and in the development of an outstanding department and staff," Polian said in a statement. "We will miss him greatly. On a personal level, I will miss him greatly as well. He is one of my closest friends in football."

Anile was director of football operations for the Colts from 1998-2003, then was assistant general manager for scouting in 2004-05. Since then, he had been a consultant for player personnel.

It's another big change for the Colts in an offseason that has been surprisingly turbulent for one of the league's most-stable franchises.

Tony Dungy, who won a Super Bowl with the Colts three years ago, retired in January and was replaced by hand-picked successor Jim Caldwell. Caldwell then replaced defensive coordinator Ron Meeks with Larry Coyer and special teams coach Russ Purnell with Ray Rychleski. Later in February, the Colts released receive Marvin Harrison, who had spent 13 seasons with the team.

Owner Jim Irsay also announced in late January that the team was cutting jobs.

The latest announcement comes on the heels of two other potentially damaging moves.

Longtime offensive line coach Howard Mudd is expected to retire following changes in the NFL pension plan, and offensive coordinator Tom Moore is reportedly pondering retirement, too.

If both leave, it would be the first time after 11 NFL seasons that three-time league MVP Peyton Manning has had a change in coordinators or offensive line coaches.