Packers source: No player contact yet

A high-ranking Green Bay Packers official adamantly denies reports that the team has notified players to report Saturday in the event the NFL lockout ends.

The team official said the organization internally has made contingencies that include contacting players for travel arrangements, because the majority of its players do not reside in the immediate Green Bay area.

However, the official was emphatic that players have not been notified, formally or informally, to report to team headquarters Saturday.

ProFootballTalk.com, citing an unnamed source, reported Monday that the Packers have begun contacting players to report to a team meeting Saturday. But the NFL has not authorized any teams to begin contacting players, including allowing for brief contact with players about logistics.

During the Packers' Super Bowl ring ceremony last month, sources say several young players had questions about the logistics of getting to camp but were informed that the organization was not allowed to discuss those details.

The official did concede that veteran players are allowed to communicate to teammates that they should be prepared to report Saturday on a voluntary basis for medical exams and informal meetings once the NFL gives the green light under contingency plans known as the "Transition Rules."

An NFL spokesman says the league is not reviewing a potential infraction, at this time. Another league source said the Packers are expected to conduct an internal review but the NFL does not anticipate any significant sanctions against the team if there was a breach pertaining to logistics in the event of the lockout coming to a conclusion.

Chris Mortensen is ESPN's senior NFL analyst.