Players, fans celebrate end of lockout

Players react on Twitter

Larry Fitzgerald (@LarryFitzgerald) Hey Laaaa hey Laaaa my girlfriend's (Football) back

Chris Harris (@ChrisHarrisNFL) Well Football is back so let the Brett Favre rumors commence!!!!!!

Kory Sheets (@Sheets24K) Back to work in the am. So happy right now.

Mike Hamlin (@Ham_25) It's official!!!!!!! Football's back.... Jacksonville here I come

Da'Quan Bowers (@DaQuanBowers93) Think I'ma stop beside the road and work on my sack celebration lol

David Bowens (@DBowens96) "I guess it's time to kick some names and take some ass".#waterboy voice! Lockout is over, lehhhts gitit!!!

Aaron Curry (@Aaron59Curry)
Ok Norton must have bad reception he ain't called me yet! What y'all think his first sentence gone be

Torrey Smith (@TorreySmithWR) To all of my fellow rookies...it's time to live the dream....lets work

Jerry Azumah (@JerryAzumah)
After 132 Days of Intense Labor Pains w/ limited pain killers we now have birth of a Football Baby. Pop Champagne, Smoke Cigars!!!! #NFL

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Fans react on ESPN.com Conversations

bballking050814: Whew!! Dodged a bullet there. Thought I would have to spend my Sunday's talking to my family.

TheSportsofLife: All we care is if there is a season. And there is, so..... Fans = Winners

dottsp: The big winner is the NFL. Have you seen so much media and fan attention on free agency, training camp and the upcoming season? The NFL is more popular then ever, all the fans are like children on Christmas morning now, waiting to open their presents...

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Fans on Facebook

Larry McCormick: Where's the love button. *

Jorge Astudillo: Finally! Football! Can't wait to get my hopes up to cheer for the Bears again lol

Efrain Gene Ramirez: About time! I love football, but I'm beginning to move away from Pro Football and rooting more for high school and college football where there's excitement and kids that just love to play. Don't get me wrong- I've been a die-hard Cowboys fan since 1972... I just hope I can change my mind soon about this league.

Bradley Glover: Thank god i dont know what i would do without the NFL cause college just isnt enough.

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