Agent: No interest in Brett Favre

Brett Favre did not receive a single call from any team this summer inquiring to see whether he would be interested in returning, his agent, Bus Cook, said this week.

"I haven't heard from anybody saying, 'We'd like to talk to you about Brett,' " Cook said. "There have been rumors about Philadelphia, Miami, Indianapolis. But we have not had any calls."

Instead of getting ready for a Week 1 game, Favre will spend Sunday morning going to church, Cook said. After church, Cook expects him to go on a 25-mile bike ride with his wife, Deanna, something Favre has been doing a lot as of late. And Cook said Favre also will get work done on his farm before having dinner with his family.

"He's not one to sit around and watch TV -- I don't think he'll be sitting around watching ballgames all day," Cook said. "He may catch a replay here or there."

Favre might wind up going into TV one day, working as an analyst, but even that would have its drawbacks.

"He'd be real good at it, and people would tune in to watch him," Cook said. "But I'm not sure that he wants to be away from home all those days."

So for now, as the NFL season prepares to kick off, Favre is kicking back, not thinking about football as much as football still thinks about him.

Adam Schefter is ESPN's NFL Insider.