Rams claim Giants faked injuries

The St. Louis Rams looked sloppy and disjointed in Monday night's 28-16 loss to the New York Giants.

Some of that, the Rams claimed Tuesday, was due to some Giants defenders apparently feigning injury to disrupt St. Louis' offensive tempo.

"They couldn't get subbed, they couldn't line up," Rams quarterback Sam Bradford said. "Someone said, 'Someone go down, someone go down,' so someone just went down and grabbed a cramp."

Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo said the team has notified the league office.

"That'll go on the list of things we're going to send in," Spagnuolo said. "I think the league is looking into it. I'll let it run its course from that point of view."

The New York Daily News reported Wednesday that the Giants won't be punished. An NFL spokesman told the newspaper that players can't be punished for faking injuries unless they admit they weren't really hurt -- something no one on the Giants has said.

In the first quarter, the Rams were marching toward the end zone with a no-huddle offense that was giving the Giants fits. Cadillac Williams had just gained eight yards and the Rams had a second-and-2 at the Giants' 7 when Giants safety Deon Grant and linebacker Jacquian Williams dropped to the turf. Grant was writhing on the ground and play had to be stopped.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Tuesday that he thought Grant had a cramp.

"Well, from my standpoint on the sideline, I thought he was cramped," Coughlin said. "They were in a no-huddle situation and it was a hurry-up deal. I just thought that he cramped at that time or definitely had something that was bothersome to him."

Grant jogged off the field on his own power and the Rams eventually settled for a field goal.

Grant returned to the game and played, leading some to speculate if the safety was actually injured.

Giants safety Antrel Rolle said that Grant hurt his knee, but wasn't sure when the injury occurred.

"Deon Grant actually did hurt his knee. I don't know if it was on that particular play or not," Rolle told WFAN radio Tuesday. "He was complaining that his knee was bothering him."

Rolle said he didn't know if his teammates had faked injury, but said it would have been smart if they did.

"This is the NFL, no one is dumb in this league," Rolle said on WFAN 660. "Many teams do it all the time. In my eyes as a veteran, it was an extremely smart play on their behalf if they were in fact faking."

Information from ESPNNewYork.com Giants reporter Ohm Youngmisuk and The Associated Press was used in this report.