Chris Cooley answers his critics

Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley responded to criticism of his radio comments in which he celebrated Dallas' epic collapse in Week 4, writing on his blog that he shows "no remorse in cheering against another team, especially the Cowboys."

In his blog post titled "Reigniting a Rivalry," Cooley writes that his comments made on 106.7 The Fan in Washington have "received 15 times the 15 minutes of fame it deserved."

"In a league full of glad-handing and ass slapping between competing teams, I actually care about the organization and fan base that has supported me throughout my 8-year career," Cooley wrote. "While I feel an honest respect for all NFL players, I show no remorse in cheering against another team, especially the Cowboys. If it sounded like I was delighted by Tony Romo's failure last week, I was."

In Sunday's loss to the Lions, two Romo interceptions were returned for touchdowns in the second half as Dallas blew a 27-3 lead on the way to a 34-30 loss to the Lions.

In his radio appearance, Cooley said that it was "amazing to watch him choke like that."

Cooley writes that he doesn't plan on changing.

" ... as a player who has decided to share my real personality with the fan base, I make a clear choice with expressing my political incorrectness as an entertaining attempt to engage as a real person," he wrote. "I will not apologize if my sense of humor and hint of sarcasm is difficult to ascertain by the more serious NFL supporters. I will never make an apology to any offended Dallas fans and I expect every Redskin fan to cheer at the folly of a Cowboy."

He also writes that he's surprised that his celebration of Romo's failure offended so many.

" ... I have to say that the peculiar defense of 'America's quarterback' has completely blown me away. From genius talking heads like (ESPN's) Skip Bayless and former Maryland great Norman Esiason to the bible thumping twitter bullies, it's very clear that a cult like group of Dallas supporters has emerged to stand in defense of the epic Tony Romo. To them, my tongue-and-cheek opinions scream sacrilege and idiocy. It's a funny thing, the way simple lighthearted banter can change gears so quickly, but that's part of the amazing world of sports fanatics. You don't want me to be boring, but as soon as I'm entertaining I'm crossing a line. You can't have it both ways."

He also thanks select followers on Twitter for their "clumsy charm and the outpouring of the appalling tweets (that) has inspired me to feed the fire of an NFL rivalry that seems in need the more flame."

He finishes his post by responding personally to several tweets but first warns his readers, "For those of you opposed to profanity, I suggest stopping here."