NFL announces Week 13 flex plan

A change in broadcast networks for the Denver Broncos-Minnesota Vikings game in Week 13 revealed changes in the way the NFL will broadcast its games.

The NFL on Monday announced that the Detroit Lions-New Orleans Saints game was flexed to the Sunday night spot on NBC. The Broncos-Vikings game, which originally was on CBS, was switched to Fox at 1 p.m. ET. Also, the Indianapolis Colts-New England Patriots game, which was the scheduled Sunday night game on Dec. 4, reverts to 1 p.m. on CBS and the Baltimore Ravens-Cleveland Browns game was moved to 4:05 p.m. ET on CBS.

The NFL couldn't leave Fox with only two early games in its doubleheader week, so it took a game from CBS who had eight, according to a league source.

It is the first time that this has happened to the league's knowledge. In the new NFL deal, there will be lots of this -- switching games between networks and less emphasis on CBS being the home for AFC games and the same for Fox and NFC games.

It is a way for the NFL to close the disparity between what CBS pays and what Fox pays.

Adam Schefter is ESPN's NFL Insider.