Warren Sapp files for bankruptcy

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Former NFL star Warren Sapp owes more than $6.7 million to creditors and back child support and alimony, according to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in South Florida.

Sapp's $6.45 million in assets includes 240 pairs of Jordan athletic shoes worth almost $6,500; a $2,250 watch; and a lion skin rug worth $1,200.

He also reported losing his 2002 Super Bowl ring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his 1991 national championship ring from the University of Miami.

The court documents were filed March 30 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Fort Lauderdale. TMZ.com first reported the filing. A phone message and email left Saturday with Sapp's attorney, Chad Pugatch, were not immediately returned.

Sapp's average monthly income is $115,881, according to the filings, and includes $45,000 for a final contract payment with Showtime; $48,000 for an appearance with CCA Sports; and $18,675 as an advance for a book deal.

His contract with the NFL Network ends in August, the filings show, and it was unknown if the contract will be renewed.

Sapp, a former defensive tackle for the Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders during his 13-year NFL career, also was a contestant on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

He was arrested in 2010 following an alleged domestic violence incident at a Miami Beach hotel. He would have faced one count of misdemeanor domestic battery, but prosecutors declined to prosecute, saying in court documents that there were inconsistencies in the victim's statements and evidence.