Ryan Leaf won't be extradited

The attorney for former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf says authorities in Texas are no longer seeking to extradite Leaf and revoke his probation.

"The warrants in Texas have been withdrawn and Ryan should be able to be transferred to the next treatment program, in Lewistown, Mont., in the near future," Kenneth Olson told ESPN The Magazine's Steve Delsohn on Tuesday.

The former first-round pick received 10 years' probation in Texas in 2010 after pleading guilty to felony drug charges stemming from a burglary while he was a coach at West Texas A&M.

Leaf violated the deal when he pleaded guilty in June to breaking into a house and illegally possessing painkillers in Montana. He was sentenced to at least nine months in a drug treatment center, followed by six months in a pre-release center and a two-year suspended sentence.

Following the Montana arrest, the Texas prosecutor who negotiated Leaf's deal filed a motion to revoke his probation.

Leaf was taken No. 2 overall by the San Diego Chargers in the 1998 NFL draft after a standout career at Washington State, but his rocky and short-lived professional career earned him the reputation as one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history.

Information from The Associated Press contributed to this report.