Andy Reid OK with Vick's big talk

Andy Reid apparently isn't feeling any added pressure as a result of quarterback Michael Vick's comments about a potential Philadelphia Eagles dynasty.

"That's all right. I'm OK with it. I know the player," the Eagles coach told reporters Sunday as Vick and select other players reported to training camp. "He loves challenges. He's as competitive as anybody you've ever been around. He wants to win. He's willing to do whatever it takes physically and mentally to do it."

Reid told reporters that Vick's comments are different from former Eagles quarterback Vince Young's "Dream Team" talk that saddled the underachieving 2011 team with an unwelcome label.

"Two different players," Reid told reporters. "That was a new player coming into town here. It was a different situation."

Vick on Sunday said his comments were totally different from Young's remarks from a year ago.

"It's totally different from the Dream Team comment. This is a hypothetical thought," Vick told reporters. "When you think about it in the sense that it's something to aim for -- we can create our own dream team, so nothing against what Vince said, it's just, this is what we can build if we have the right mindset."