NFL mulls operations changes

An overhaul of the football operations department that could include leadership changes for 2013 is on the agenda of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, according to sources.

A league spokesman denied what the sources have told ESPN about the overhaul.

The league officiating department and football operations have undergone an extensive evaluation for the past year, independent from the labor negotiations with the NFL Referees Association, sources said.

Additionally, now that an eight-year labor agreement has been reached with the league's game officials, sources say renewed discussions are anticipated about establishing a new base of operations outside the NFL's Park Avenue office in New York primarily for full-time officials who will be hired in 2013.

Among the sites that have been discussed previously for a new base of operations for officiating include New Jersey, where NFL Films is based in Mt. Laurel. Also, Atlanta and Dallas have been previously discussed for cost-effectiveness and travel purposes because both cities have airport hubs.

The operations will also be used as a training base for new officials who will serve in reserve of the current 121-man roster.

At least one full-time officiating crew of seven will be hired by the league in 2013. Their game checks will come from union revenue but their weekday work will be compensated by the league.