Stopping Robert Griffin III

Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata is one of the few players to get the better of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III this season, at least momentarily. Late in the fourth quarter of Baltimore's 31-28 OT loss to Washington at FedExField on Dec. 9, Ngata -- who had six quarterback hurries and two quarterback hits against the Redskins -- collided with Griffin, crashing into the QB's right knee and knocking him out of the game. Ngata explains what it's like to practice for and defend against RG3.

When you see an option quarterback in the NFL, you think, He's not going to last long. He won't become the QB people want. But RG3 runs the ball so well, hides the ball well when he does do the option, and then he can throw really well.

It's tough to prepare for RG3, because you'll never see a quarterback like him again. Before we played against him, I was thinking, If we worry too much about keeping him in the pocket, that's when he can hurt us, because then we're not really going after him enough. We'll be worrying about the edges, or him slipping in between seams. I think we all thought it would be better to just go after him and not worry about containing him. I didn't even know what happened on the play where he got hurt. I was pursuing him, got closer and dove at him, but I had no idea that he got spun around and his leg hit me and hyperextended. There were at least two other times during the game when I felt like I had him, and he just spun away and scrambled off.

Mike Vick probably has a stronger arm, but RG3 is more dangerous, more balanced. He can run really well, and he can throw accurately. You'll never see another guy who does what RG3 does.

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