RG III, elephant play catch

Robert Griffin III has a new accomplishment to add to his résumé: successfully throwing a pass to an elephant.

The Washington Redskins quarterback played catch with a football-catching elephant, named Kelly Ann, at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus on Sunday, impressing the elephant's handler with how quickly he picked up the proper technique.

"I pointed out to him one time what to do, and [on his second try] he threw it up and she caught it," Joey Frisco III told The Washington Post.

"Usually it takes time for elephants to get used to how someone's gonna throw, but an NFL superstar quarterback, he knew exactly what to do," he told the newspaper.

Griffin tweeted about the experience on Sunday.

"Show was great and I got to throw the ball to the only female & biggest WIDE receiver in the WORLD!!!! #DontTryToTackleHer," he wrote.

Frisco told The Post that Griffin is the first person, other than himself, to toss a football to Kelly Ann, who is nearly 17 years old. He also said he was impressed by how "genuine" and "humble" the quarterback was around him.

"I told RG III, it's not like throwing to Pierre Garcon or Santana Moss, but I don't think anyone could tackle her if you want to hire her," Frisco told the newspaper. "Kelly Ann's the lucky one, to me. I've been playing football since I was 11 or 12 years old and I've never got a chance to catch a football from an NFL star, and within a year she gets to catch a football from one of the greatest quarterbacks in the world."

Frisco told the newspaper he's not aware of another elephant that catches footballs, but he's convinced that Kelly Ann is the first elephant to have an "NFL quarterback throw a ball to them."

Griffin is currently recovering from surgery in January to repair two ligaments in his right knee. His surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, told ESPN's Stephania Bell last Friday that he's "way ahead of schedule" in his recovery.

Griffin told ESPN in a text message Tuesday: "My knee is getting better every day. The doctors say I'm ahead of schedule. My goal is to return healthy in Week 1 but if I'm not ready then I will wait until I am, however long that is. My first NFL season and my injury that ended it showed me a lot about the league, my team and myself."