Adrian Peterson: Goal 2,500 yards

Adrian Peterson is out to set a new standard for NFL running backs.

The reigning MVP of the Minnesota Vikings reiterated in a Sports Illustrated interview that he has his sights set on smashing the NFL's single-season rushing record.

"I've got my bar set for 2,500. If I could go up to that, the record is shattered," Peterson said.

Peterson also made a similar proclamation in an interview with the NFL Network in January.

Peterson came within 9 yards of breaking Eric Dickerson's mark last season, finishing with 2,097 yards, the second-highest mark of all time. The amazing season came with Peterson less than a year removed from reconstructive knee surgery.

In order to reach his loftier goal of 2,500 yards, Peterson would have to average 156.25 yards over 16 games. He averaged 131 yards last season, topping 156 yards five times.

"It's definitely out there. I feel like it's definitely attainable," Peterson told the NFL Network. "... Enjoy this last year because the record's going down, with ease."

While he has an individual goal, Peterson also has one for the team, saying he wants to win multiple Super Bowls.

"I want a couple rings," Peterson said. "We've got to start at one and we need to get that one this year. We have the potential to get to the Super Bowl and win. It's just all about coming together."

Minnesota made the playoffs last season with a 10-6 record, losing to the Green Bay Packers in the wild-card round.