Darnell Dockett buys tiger cub

Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett discussed his recent purchase of a tiger cub, which he hopes to bring to training camp, and his failed attempt to buy a monkey as well, in a radio interview Wednesday.

Dockett said in the interview with Fox Sports 910 in Phoenix that he has named the tiger, which weighs about 60 pounds, Little Buddy. The radio hosts asked him if he was serious.

"Yeah, I'm serious, a little baby tiger," he said. "It's the coolest thing ever."

He said he hopes to introduce the tiger to his teammates at training camp if the team will allow it.

"I'm trying to bring him to training camp," he said. "I don't know if they'll let me, but we're going to see."

Dockett said the tiger is "very chill and very playful." Dockett's Twitter followers were already aware of his tiger purchase, as he tweeted a picture of Little Buddy on Tuesday.

Dockett also said he made an offer of $30,000 to buy a monkey but was rebuffed.

"The dude would not sell it. I offered him a price that the only other person who would offer him that much is probably Michael Jackson, rest in peace, but he wouldn't even entertain my offer when it came to the monkey," Dockett said.

He also detailed the plans he had for the monkey this season if his bid had been successful.

"Could you picture that on game days? I'm coming to the game, I have my monkey with me, he has my jersey on. ... Think about it. After the game, the fans see me with the monkey, ticket sales go up, Dockett jersey sales go up. Why? Because they all want to see me with the monkey," he said.

As he did with his new tiger, Dockett tweeted a picture of the monkey on Tuesday.