T.O. talking with 'bunch of teams'

Terrell Owens' agent, Jordan Woy, has had conversations with "a bunch of teams" about a potential return for one of the most prolific wide receivers in NFL history.

Woy said he is uncertain about whether Owens ultimately will get the chance. But he also said that, at the age of 39, Owens is in as good a shape as he has been in recent years and is holding out hope for an NFL tryout.

"I know if he goes out there and gets a shot, he'll make a team," Woy said. "We've talked to a lot of teams that have said he's a great talent, we're set as of right now, but if we have injuries, we may reach back out."

Woy said Owens has been training in Los Angeles and Miami, and is ready to go to camp now. Owens has told Woy that he will run every bit as well as he did for Seattle last summer, if not better, and the wide receiver is convinced he can help a team win now.

Should some young receivers falter in the upcoming preseason games or should a team suffer injuries at wide receiver, Woy believes teams could reach out to bring in Owens for a workout.

"He really wants to play," Woy said. "He knows he's up against the wall, but he really wants to play."

Owens, who has 1,078 catches for 15,934 yards and 153 touchdowns, turns 40 in December.