Keith Bulluck charged with robbery

Former Tennessee Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck was arrested on a felony robbery charge after a cab driver accused him of taking money during an argument in Nashville, Tenn., early Sunday.

The cab driver, who called 911 at 3:50 a.m. ET, was waiting outside a bar for a paid fare when Bulluck, 36, approached him, according to a statement released by the Nashville Police Department. The driver said there was an altercation and Bulluck took a $100 bill and fled, according to police.

When officers arrived, the cab driver led them to Bulluck in a parking lot nearby and identified the former NFL player as the suspect, the police report said.

Bulluck, a 2003 Pro Bowler, was arrested, booked into jail and released on $10,000 bond a couple of hours later.

"I was out with friends last night in Nashville and was taking a cab home," Bulluck said in a statement. "There was a misunderstanding between me and the cab driver about getting my money back for a service not rendered. At 2 a.m., things could easily get lost in translation, but regardless of who was right or wrong, I regret putting myself in that situation."

Officers noted the cab driver's shirt and undershirt were torn, according to the statement, which also said Bulluck smelled of alcohol.

Bulluck is due to appear in court on Sept. 26.

Bulluck was on a broadcast crew for the Titans' preseason game Saturday night against the Atlanta Falcons.

When approached by WTVF-TV in Nashville, Bulluck declined to comment about the charges.

"I've been here for 10 years and this is what you want to talk about?" Bulluck told a reporter waiting outside the jail.

He retired from football in 2012 after playing 11 seasons in the NFL, 10 of them with the Titans.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.