Teams put 170 players on IR

For everyone who wondered if there are more injuries this year than other years, the answer is absolutely yes. As of this past week, teams had placed 170 players on injured reserve -- 38 more than in any recent season.

The 170 players on IR doesn't include the 11 other players such as Baltimore Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta or Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Andrew Hawkins who were placed on injured reserve with a designation to return later this season, meaning there are 181 on some form of IR.

Last season there were 142 players on injured reserve at this time of the year, also more than any other year.

Some around the league blame the increase of injuries on the fact that, under the terms of the CBA that has been in effect the past two offseasons, players have more off time in the offseason, then shock their bodies with some of the sudden and dramatic movements players demand their bodies to make.

An NFLPA official said that was an unscientific conclusion and believes the increased numbers of players on injured reserve is the result of teams being more cautious with injured players. Whatever the reason, the NFL and NFLPA will review the numbers and determine if there's anything they can do to help bring the injury outbreak under control.