Irsay: Protect Andrew Luck better

INDIANAPOLIS -- Colts owner Jim Irsay is at it again on Twitter.

Irsay, who blasted his team after its preseason-opening loss to Buffalo last month, is demanding that the Colts do a better job protecting franchise quarterback Andrew Luck in their game against the Miami Dolphins this Sunday.

The outspoken owner wasn't finished. He followed it up with this tweet:

Luck was sacked four times against the Oakland Raiders in the Colts' Week 1 victory. Expect the Dolphins to be just as aggressive going after Luck after they recorded six sacks against Cleveland last weekend.

Colts coach Chuck Pagano was asked about Irsay's tweet during his media session Wednesday afternoon.

"That's every week, you know," Pagano said. "That's [emphasized in] all of our offices and every office up and down the hallway. ... We all know that as long as No. 12 is upright and on his feet, we've got a much better chance of winning with him."

Luck was sacked 41 times and hit more than 100 times during his rookie season last year.

Irsay said on Twitter on Aug. 12 that he gave his "commanders" an "earful" after their 44-20 loss to Buffalo on Aug. 11.