Chris Long: No interest in London

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- As rumors persist that the NFL would eventually like to have a team in London, St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long didn't mince words when discussing what he'd think if he ever had to play for such a team.

"I would be absolutely livid," Long said. "I love growing our sport globally, but logistically to put a team through that would be like punishment. They have great fans there and they were super enthusiastic and awesome to everyone when we were there but to ask people to take those road trips every time they do an away game is just ludicrous."

Long's comments come as the Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings get ready for Sunday's latest venture to London.

Long and the Rams played the New England Patriots in London in 2012, a 45-7 loss. As the host team in that game, the Rams went through the full week-long event, arriving early in the week and going through a litany of activities leading up to the game.

Like Long, Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes doesn't see how a team in London can work based off logistics alone.

"What about OTAs? What about minicamps? You would really have to move to London," Grimes said. "London is a cool place, but I don't know. That would be weird.

"Outside of people who have no choice, it would be hard. If you got the Giants that want to sign you and the London whatever [nickname], I'm going to just stay in New York. My family is in America."

Not all current players see the potential for a team overseas in the same light, however. Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce finds the idea intriguing.

"I think it would be awesome," Kelce said. "The biggest thing the league has been trying to do is globalize, to spread to other countries. NFL Europe didn't really work out too well. So I don't know what the marketing people are getting back about whether it would be successful.

"But that's the one thing football doesn't have, that global area. It's one of the things that's cool about soccer and the World Cup. You have that country camaraderie behind it, whereas America, it's kind of our own deal right now. Anything that's spreading the NFL to other countries, I think it's a great idea."

The Steelers-Vikings matchup is the first of two games scheduled for Wembley Stadium this season. Jacksonville and San Francisco will play there on Oct. 27.

ESPN.com Dolphins reporter James Walker and ESPN.com Eagles reporter Phil Sheridan contributed to this report.