Eugene Monroe officially a Raven

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- New Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Eugene Monroe called it a "fresh start" to go from a perennial loser in the Jacksonville Jaguars to the defending Super Bowl champions.

Monroe, who was acquired from the Jaguars for a fourth- and fifth-round pick in 2014, never enjoyed a winning season in four-plus years in Jacksonville. He joins the only team that has won a playoff game in each of the past five seasons.

"For me, it's just an awesome opportunity," said Monroe, who officially became a Raven after passing his physical Thursday morning. "Coming to a situation like this where they're winning is unique. It's something I haven't really been around. It's exciting to experience this."

Monroe and the Ravens were noncommittal on whether he would be ready to start Sunday at the Miami Dolphins. But Monroe is the Ravens' starting left tackle and will be in charge of defending the blind side of Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco, whether that begins this week or next.

After being in the Ravens facility for only a few hours, Monroe is already looking to the future. He is in the final year of his contract and doesn't believe the Ravens traded two draft picks to rent him for the final three months of the regular season.

"It doesn't look like they brought me the way they did to not have me here for the long term," Monroe said. "I have to do my thing on the field and prove that I deserve this opportunity, which I'm fully confident that I will."

Monroe sounded like he would be open to a contract extension with the Ravens.

"Being that this is my contract year, this is it in terms of the future for me," he said. "So looking down the road, you always want to have some sense of security for your family."

Bryant McKinnie, who started at left tackle in the playoffs last season and in the Super Bowl, said the team called to notify him of the trade before reports surfaced Tuesday night.

"I was kind of surprised," McKinnie said. "This is business, so they're going to do what's best for their business."

McKinnie said he would be open to a trade. The Dolphins, Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks could be interested in adding a left tackle.

"We'll have to see," McKinnie said. "I'm getting better and better each game."

Monroe learned of the trade while he was reviewing film of the Jaguars' next opponent on his iPad.

"My agent calls me and is like, 'I need you to sit down. I have to talk to you about something,'" Monroe said. "I was like, 'You got to be kidding.' But it happened, and it happened quick. It's an exciting change for me. I'm definitely glad to be here. I was glad that I was sought out."