NFL security eyes Schaub incident

HOUSTON -- Texans quarterback Matt Schaub said Wednesday he called team security and they spoke with the NFL because there were multiple people driving by his house and taking pictures and he wanted to be safe.

CBS Houston reported Tuesday evening that fans approached Schaub at his home and berated him for his recent poor play.

However, the quarterback, who is married and has three daughters, said to his knowledge nobody showed up in his driveway and screamed obscenities.

"To my knowledge that did not happen. Whether someone did pull into the driveway or not, to my knowledge that didn't happen and if they did we'd contact team personnel to let them know something went on.

"When you see multiple people driving down the street taking photos of your home and you're not sure why that usually leads you to contacting team security. My main focus is to make sure my family is safe and my home," he said.

The Houston Police Department tweeted Wednesday evening that it has begun an investigation at the request of Schaub's family.

Schaub declined to reveal whether or not he has hired personal security, saying that was between himself, his wife and the team.

Relatedly, J.J. Watt said people come to his home in Pearland, Texas, a couple times a week.

"Sometimes they'll sit outside the house," Watt said. "Sometimes they'll follow me home. Sometimes they'll be waiting in the driveway. At dinner and at my house are the two times when I refuse autographs and pictures. I feel like that's a reasonable thing for me," he said.

"I'm working right now to get a gate put on my neighborhood just for that reason. In the event that I hopefully someday have a family, I don't want to have to worry about that. ... When you have a family and you have kids, it's absolutely unacceptable."

Schaub remains the starter for Sunday's home game against the St. Louis Rams despite throwing an interception returned for a touchdown in an NFL-record four straight games.

ESPN.com Texans reporter Tania Ganguli and ESPN NFL Insider Ed Werder contributed to this report.