Michael Vick expected to start

PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was taking first-team practice reps Tuesday and is expected to start Sunday against the New York Giants.

Vick, who has missed the past two games with a pulled hamstring, stopped short of saying he would definitely start.

"I wish I could give you a definite answer," Vick said after practice. "But I can't right now."

Vick sounded very much like he planned to play, however.

"I'm excited by the opportunity if I can go," Vick said. "I can set my mind to play if I want to play."

Vick said that if he does play, he will not tailor his game to account for the injury.

"If I'm out there, I'm giving it everything I've got," he said.

Vick pulled the hamstring Oct. 6 in a game against the Giants. Nick Foles finished that game, a 36-21 win, and started the next two games but left last Sunday's 17-3 loss to the Dallas Cowboys with a concussion.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly said the injury to Foles would not affect Vick's status.

"I'm not going to put Mike out there if Mike can't be productive," Kelly said Monday. "That can't change just because someone else got hurt."

Vick has financial incentive to play if he's even close to 100 percent physically. Playing Sunday could mean as much $300,000 in bonus money to Vick.

According to numbers first reported by ProFootballTalk.com and confirmed by ESPN, Vick's contract includes incentives based on playing time. If he plays 90 percent of the Eagles' offensive plays, Vick gets $1.5 million in bonus money. There are bonuses based on lower percentages, as well.

That number is likely unreachable now, as Vick has taken 305 of the Eagles' 504 offensive snaps (60.5 percent). Prorated over 16 games, the Eagles would run 1,152 offensive plays. That leaves 648 more plays over the remaining nine games.

To play in 90 percent of 1,152 plays, Vick would have to be on the field for 732 plays –- more than that remaining number. But if Vick were to play in 616 more plays, that would hit the 80-percent mark, which triggers a $1.2 million bonus.

If he were to miss another game, the best Vick could hope for would be the 70-percent mark and a $900,000 bonus.

Of course, that assumes Vick starts Sunday, remains healthy for the rest of the season and is not benched for performance.

Foles, who is following the NFL concussion protocol, did not practice Tuesday. Rookie Matt Barkley, who threw three interceptions in one quarter Sunday against the Cowboys, would back up Vick if Foles can't dress.

The Eagles also have signed G.J. Kinne to their practice squad. Kinne was one of five quarterbacks in training camp with the team.