Agent: Release not due to marijuana

The agent for former Houston Texans defensive end Sam Montgomery on Tuesday denied an ESPN.com report that his client was released by the team after using marijuana.

"It is our position that the story written about Sam Montgomery by ESPN, which sets forth that he was dismissed from the Houston Texans for using marijuana, is completely inaccurate," Jeff Guerriero said in a statement sent by text message to ESPN.com. "Mr. Montgomery was dismissed from the team for allegedly violating a team rule. This can be confirmed by the Houston Texan personnel."

Asked for an official statement about the release of Montgomery, running back Cierre Wood and outside linebacker Willie Jefferson, the Texans declined to expand beyond coach Gary Kubiak's comments at a Monday news conference.

"I won't discuss team rules and those type of things," Kubiak said Monday. "I'll make decisions based on a body of work in everything I do. I've got five months of work invested in those three young men and made a decision today to move forward."

On Monday morning, the Houston Chronicle and Fox 26 Houston reported that Jefferson, Montgomery and Wood were released for violating team rules in the team hotel in Kansas City, Mo.

Three sources told ESPN.com on Monday that the violation stemmed from marijuana use.

Montgomery spoke with Comcast SportsNet Houston and denied illegal drugs were involved. He said Wood and Jefferson were smoking a cigar in their room when Montgomery entered it. Jefferson's agent also told ESPN.com that the players were smoking a cigar and said he and his partners were considering filing a grievance.

The league's collective bargaining agreement forbids discipline solely on the basis of violating the league's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances or substances of abuse or failing any drug test -- unless it is specifically written into a player's contract.