Louis Delmas gives up pet alligator

Detroit Lions safety Louis Delmas has lost his Mojo.

Not his self-confidence; his 5-year-old, 6-foot-long pet alligator.

The fifth-year safety received an alligator egg in his rookie season as a gift from former teammate Ernie Sims. From that egg hatched an alligator, which Delmas named Mojo. But Delmas said Thursday it's time for Mojo to move out.

Delmas has housed the 6-foot alligator in a 36-square-foot tank in his basement, but he said it's no longer reasonable to do so. Wide receiver Kevin Ogletree, signed after Nate Burleson's injury, plans to move in with Delmas and told the former Western Michigan safety he wasn't comfortable sharing a residence with an alligator.

"I told him I couldn't stay there with the gator there, so he had to make some adjustments for the New York City kid," Ogletree said, according to MLive.com.

Mojo had grown to the point that it ate two giant rats three times per week.

"That gator ate my refrigerator dry," Delmas said, according to MLive.com.

Delmas had Mojo picked up by Allen Park Critter Shop, which now houses the alligator under the care of owner Rick Simms.

Delmas said Mojo eventually could end up at the Detroit Zoo, although communication director Patricia Janeway told MLive.com the zoo had not been contacted.