Suh wants to line up vs. Jay Cutler

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- The Chicago Bears may not know what quarterback they are going to use Sunday against the Detroit Lions, but Ndamukong Suh knows whom he would like to see under center.

Suh said he is rooting for Jay Cutler -- who has been out with a torn groin muscle since the team's Oct. 20 loss at Washington -- to play.

"I am," Suh said. "I love playing against Cutler. He's a tough guy. No discredit to [Josh] McCown, but I want the best shot. Whichever quarterback is healthier and the healthiest to go and is going to give them their best opportunity, that's who I want to go against.

"I want to beat the best no matter what. Every single week."

That could be a problem for Suh. Not only is Cutler on the mend from the groin injury, but quarterback Aaron Rodgers, whose Green Bay Packers face the Lions on Thanksgiving Day, is out with a fractured collarbone. So he might not be available either.

In some ways, this saddens Suh, who indicated he felt bad for both quarterbacks ... again, because he wants to face the best possible opponent every week.

"I do [feel bad]," Suh said. "I like going against Aaron Rodgers and like going against Cutler.

"I wish them the best, speedy recoveries so I can come back and go against them and take them down."

As for Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall, he said he'd like his starting quarterback on the field.

But he also would understand if Cutler had to take another week to recover from his injury, even if it cost him a game against a division opponent. Marshall previously had said he was confident Cutler would play Sunday.

"It's still there," Marshall said. "But if Jay wanted to take an extra week, I would be OK with that. Josh McCown is playing pretty good right now. We might have a little quarterback controversy on our hands."

Marshall, though, was not serious.

"Absolutely not," he said. "You can't replace a guy like Jay Cutler, man. Who he is and what he does for our team, getting guys lined up, he's probably one of the smartest guys in the NFL. So it's hard to replace that.

"Josh definitely did a great job making some big plays with his feet, also breaking tackles and in the pocket. He controlled the huddle. But there's some things that you can't coach. Jay Cutler has all that stuff. The big-play ability, just to make something out of nothing, he does that consistently, so we need Jay back. We need him back as fast as he can get back to playing."

The Bears participated only in walk-throughs Wednesday, but the plan Thursday is for the team to work out Cutler to see where he is physically, coach Marc Trestman said Wednesday.

ESPN.com Bears reporter Michael C. Wright contributed to this report.