Sapp: Incognito used slur, kicked me

TAMPA, Fla. -- Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp said Wednesday that embattled Miami Dolphins offensive linemen Richie Incognito used a racial slur and kicked him during a 2006 game when Sapp was playing for the Oakland Raiders and Incognito for the St. Louis Rams.

"He kicked me and called me the N-word," Sapp, who will join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' ring of honor on Monday night, said on "The Dan Patrick Show." "I looked at him and said, 'You want me to slap you in the mouth, so they throw me out of the game.' I said I got a better plan. I'm going to assault your quarterback and they're going to cut your a--."

"It's the trenches. Some guys teeter right on that edge. But Richie? Nobody's ever had a question that Richie was a dirtbag."

Incognito, whom the Dolphins suspended Sunday for conduct detrimental to the team, has been identified as making racial slurs and physical threats in a voice mail message sent in April to teammate Jonathan Martin, who is biracial. Martin left the Dolphins last week because of emotional issues stemming from alleged harassment and misconduct.

Sapp's comments came on the same day former Tampa Bay defensive end Chidi Ahanotu wrote a Facebook post saying Sapp had bullied him, several other players and team employees during his time with the Bucs.

In part, Ahanotu wrote players and staff "had physical altercations of varying degrees with Sapp. Virtually Nothing was off limits to Sapp's verbal attacks & belittling of his teammates & front office staff."

"A legendary coach once said to us that if a guy is a jerk but he plays football great, then he's not a jerk to him," Ahanotu wrote. "Sapp's prowess on the field and national acclaim has been embraced by the Buc owners [the Glazer family], former head coaches Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden and the local media regardless of full knowledge of Sapp's belligerence [and] insulting behavior. In the end, a pass is given to players when they are superstars. Even passes to be included all the way into the Hall Of Fame. If Richie Incognito was such a superstar, then the nation would never have heard about his bullying altercation."

Reached by ESPN.com, Ahanotu said his intent wasn't to be negative toward Sapp, but in light of the Incognito situation, he felt the public should know the truth.

Sapp said he was not aware of Ahanotu's Facebook post.

"Check the source," Sapp said. "I've been in the locker room with Chidi for many years. If you know the nature of the beast, don't be surprised by what it does. He had plenty of time to say whatever he wanted to say about Sapp up until this point. Warren was just as hard on you as he was on himself. I think Derrick Brooks and anyone else that's been in that locker room will tell you. I've been called everything under the sun in this town. This is the first time I've ever heard that, and why do you think that is?

"I think I helped him get paid. And then when he got his 10 sacks, didn't come to the offseason conditioning, yeah, I tortured his a-- because we needed him here in the offseason. If I was going to be here every day, why wasn't he? He got his $30 million deal, I got my $36 million deal, and we were out there in the same dirt. But he still says I'm his brother because he knows I was right to get on his a-- about not being here."