Sources: Jeff Ireland on shaky ground

As the investigation into the Miami Dolphins' workplace environment is underway, some team executives expect fallout that could impact jobs and create a dramatic restructuring of the organization, league sources told ESPN.

One of those executives whose future is cloudy, according to sources, is Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland, who received a one-year contract extension -- which runs through 2014 -- at the end of last season.

Sources told ESPN that Ireland spoke at an organizational meeting this week and expressed confidence that the Dolphins had established a healthy workplace, specifically singling out head coach Joe Philbin for creating a team of high character.

But changes within the organization are inevitable when the season ends, sources told ESPN.

One concern expressed by two team sources concerns the confidentiality of the investigation by Ted Wells, who was appointed as the independent counsel by commissioner Roger Goodell.

When the report is complete, Goodell said, it will be made public.

Some in the organization are expecting clarification on whether they will have true confidentiality in coming forward and offering their accounts on matters that extend beyond just Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin, according to sources.

The NFL currently is investigating the troubled relationship between Incognito and Martin, who left the Dolphins last week because of emotional issues stemming from alleged harassment and misconduct.

Incognito was suspended last Sunday for conduct detrimental to the team after being identified as one of multiple teammates who harassed Martin, the second-year offensive lineman who will discuss the case with Wells late next week.

Allegations by Martin include a malicious physical attack by a teammate.

ESPN.com Dolphins reporter James Walker and information from The Associated Press contributed to this report.