Ozzie Newsome ailing after game

CHICAGO -- Baltimore Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome was taken to a hospital after the team's 23-20 overtime loss to the Chicago Bears, a source told The Chicago Tribune on Sunday.

The Ravens confirmed that Newsome did not travel with the team after the game. Newsome walked to an ambulance on his own and didn't need a stretcher, according to a source.

"Ozzie Newsome did not feel well after [Sunday]'s game and a team doctor recommended that Ozzie not fly tonight," the Ravens said in a statement.

Newsome, 57, was sweating profusely after the game when he rode the elevator down to the locker room with reporters.

The former longtime Cleveland Browns tight end does not have any known medical conditions, according to the Ravens. The Hall of Famer has been Baltimore's general manager since 2002.

While the Ravens have not offered many details, wide receiver Torrey Smith took to Twitter to support Newsome.