Week 7 NFL Power Rankings: Your schedule is about to get ...

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Are things about to get easier or harder?

Here's a rundown of the Week 7 Power Rankings as voted on by ESPN's power panel -- a group of more than 80 writers, editors and TV personalities -- with a look at upcoming schedules for all 32 teams.

ESPN Stats & Information's John McTigue contributed the following information.

Methodology: These rankings are based on which teams voters think would win head-to-head matchups. Higher-ranked teams would be favored against lower-ranked teams. Coming off a win doesn't guarantee a jump, and a loss doesn't guarantee a fall.

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1. Kansas City Chiefs

2017 record: 5-1
Week 6 ranking: No. 1

The undefeated season is over, and if the Chiefs want to bounce back from a 13-point effort against the Steelers, they'll have to do it on the road. They travel to Oakland, Dallas and New Jersey to face the Giants for three of their next four.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

2017 record: 5-1
Week 6 ranking: No. 4

The 5-1 start to the Eagles' season is bolstered by the fact they've won three on the road. Now they get to play their next three at home, where they're 2-0 this season and 8-2 over the past two years.

3. New England Patriots

2017 record: 4-2
Week 6 ranking: No. 5

The Patriots play host to the Falcons and Chargers before their Week 9 bye, then they'll start racking up frequent flyer miles. They play five of their six games after the bye on the road with trips to Denver, Mexico City to face the Raiders, Buffalo, Miami and Pittsburgh.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

2017 record: 4-2
Week 6 ranking: No. 10

The Steelers haven't been impressing the way some thought they would, but they're still 4-2 and play the Bengals, Lions and Colts over their next three games. After that stretch, which features two road games, the Steelers will play five of their last seven in Pittsburgh.

5. Seattle Seahawks

2017 record: 3-2
Week 6 ranking: No. 8

From Weeks 9 to 17, the Seahawks will alternate home and road games. It'll be a lot of back-and-forth travel for them, but FPI still has them favored in all but two of their remaining matchups.

6. Carolina Panthers

2017 record: 4-2
Week 6 ranking: No. 6

Carolina's next two games are on the road, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The Panthers are 3-0 on the road this season and 1-2 at home. Chicago is up first, then Tampa Bay.

7. Atlanta Falcons

2017 record: 3-2
Week 6 ranking: No. 3

A lot of attention in Atlanta will be paid to Sunday night's Super Bowl rematch against the Patriots, and for good reason. It's not every day you get a chance to avenge a blown 25-point lead. But this game kicks off a slate featuring four road matches in five weeks, which includes trips to Carolina and Seattle. In other words, this stretch could make or break Atlanta.

8. Denver Broncos

2017 record: 3-2
Week 6 ranking: No. 7

The Broncos lost a home game to a winless Giants team and saw their starting quarterback get hurt. Now they have to play three straight on the road, with trips to Kansas City and Philadelphia. Then, when they finally return home, the Patriots will be coming to town. It won't be an easy go, to say the least.

9. Los Angeles Rams

2017 record: 4-2
Week 6 ranking: No. 11

The Rams are heading into one of the toughest stretches of the year. Seven of their next eight games are against teams that are currently .500 or better, and six of those games are against conference foes and three will be division games.

10. Washington Redskins

2017 record: 3-2
Week 6 ranking: No. 13

This upcoming stretch for the Redskins is pretty brutal. They'll travel to Philadelphia, then host the Cowboys, then travel to Seattle, then host the Vikings and then travel to New Orleans. Four of those five teams are currently above .500, and the Cowboys went 13-3 last year.

11. Houston Texans

2017 record: 3-3
Week 6 ranking: No. 17

Deshaun Watson has thrown for at least three touchdowns in three straight games, so maybe this week's bye is coming at a bad time. Watson's next chance to extend the streak will be in Seattle.

12. Dallas Cowboys

2017 record: 2-3
Week 6 ranking: No. 9

The Cowboys' upcoming slate of six games features road trips to Washington and Atlanta and home games against the 5-1 Chiefs and 5-1 Eagles. It's not an easy stretch, but it's made even worse by the fact they might have to play it without their leading rusher.

13. Minnesota Vikings

2017 record: 4-2
Week 6 ranking: No. 20

Aaron Rodgers is down, the Lions are struggling and the Bears are starting a rookie quarterback. At this point, it appears the NFC North is the Vikings' to lose. They'll face the AFC North, though, with the struggling Ravens and Browns over the next few weeks.

14. New Orleans Saints

2017 record: 3-2
Week 6 ranking: No. 22

The Saints have won three straight, and their next two games will presumably be against the Brett Hundley-led Packers and Mitchell Trubisky-led Bears. Drew Brees has 472 more career passing touchdowns than those two combined, meaning the Saints could very well be riding a five-game winning streak heading into Week 9.

15. Detroit Lions

2017 record: 3-3
Week 6 ranking: No. 14

Detroit's bye week couldn't have come at a better time, as the Lions have lost three of their past four games. They have a tough matchup against the Steelers when they return to action, but then get to take on the Aaron Rodgers-less Packers and the quarterback-deficient Browns.

16. Green Bay Packers

2017 record: 4-2
Week 6 ranking: No. 2

Green Bay's chance to win the division, according to FPI, dropped from 65 percent to 20 percent following Aaron Rodgers' injury. With the red-hot Saints coming to town this weekend, the Packers' Week 8 bye might not be soon enough.

17. Arizona Cardinals

2017 record: 3-3
Week 6 ranking: No. 24

The Cardinals are right in the thick of things, and in the coming weeks, they'll have a chance to make some big moves. Their next three games are all against division foes, though two of them are on the road.

18. Buffalo Bills

2017 record: 3-2
Week 6 ranking: No. 16

Coming off a bye the Bills are now treated to back-to-back home games against the Buccaneers and Raiders. Those games probably looked tougher earlier in the season, but those teams are a combined 1-5 in October.

19. Jacksonville Jaguars

2017 record: 3-3
Week 6 ranking: No. 12

The Jaguars are tied for first place in the AFC South, and the road ahead should give them a strong chance of staying there. They have just one game on their remaining schedule against a team currently above .500 -- the Seahawks in Week 14.

20. Oakland Raiders

2017 record: 2-4
Week 6 ranking: No. 15

Four straight losses and the Raiders are now at the bottom of the AFC West. They'll try to stop the bleeding against the Chiefs on Thursday night, but quarterback Derek Carr has lost five straight starts to Kansas City. After that, the Raiders tour the East Coast with trips to Buffalo and Miami.

21. Tennessee Titans

2017 record: 3-3
Week 6 ranking: No. 23

The Titans have the third-easiest remaining strength of schedule. Of their remaining 10 games, only two are against teams that currently own a winning record: Week 11 at the Steelers and Week 16 against the Rams. The winless Browns are up next.

22. Baltimore Ravens

2017 record: 3-3
Week 6 ranking: No. 18

The Ravens beat a Raiders team without Derek Carr in Week 5, then lost to Mitchell Trubisky in his second career start. They might get to face Case Keenum this week, Jay Cutler the next and then whoever is starting for the Packers (it's looking like Brett Hundley) after a trip to Nashville and their Week 10 bye. If the defense can take advantage, the Ravens could get back above .500 for the stretch run.

23. Cincinnati Bengals

2017 record: 2-3
Week 6 ranking: No. 21

The Bengals are coming off a bye week and a two-game winning streak. They'll be spending four of their next five weeks on the road with trips to Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Tennessee and Denver. So, the winning streak might not last long.

24. Los Angeles Chargers

2017 record: 2-4
Week 6 ranking: No. 28

After opening the season 0-4, the Chargers have won two straight. Will the winning streak continue? If it does, it'll have to be at home against the Broncos and in Foxborough against the Patriots.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2017 record: 2-3
Week 6 ranking: No. 19

The Buccaneers have the most difficult remaining strength of schedule in terms of opponents' winning percentage. But factor in that four of their next six are on the road and no bye week, and the Bucs are staring at a serious uphill climb.

26. Miami Dolphins

2017 record: 3-2
Week 6 ranking: No. 26

The Dolphins need to win as many games as possible before Week 10. They play at Carolina in Week 10, then have a three-game stretch of Patriots, Broncos and Patriots from Weeks 12 to 14 before closing the season with another tough, three-game stretch of Bills, Chiefs and Bills.

27. New York Jets

2017 record: 3-3
Week 6 ranking: No. 25

If the Jets are for real, they'll need to rip off some wins before their Week 11 bye, because W's will be hard to come by on the other side. Their final six games of the season are against the Panthers, Chiefs, Broncos, Saints, Chargers and Patriots.

28. Chicago Bears

2017 record: 2-4
Week 6 ranking: No. 30

Mitchell Trubisky just got his first NFL win, but he might not get many more in upcoming weeks. The Panthers, Saints, Packers, Lions and Eagles make up the next five opponents for the Bears. All are currently .500 or better.

29. Indianapolis Colts

2017 record: 2-4
Week 6 ranking: No. 27

Whenever Andrew Luck returns, the chips will be stacked against him. Does he return in Week 7 against a Jaguars defense that leads the league in sacks and picks? Does he return in Week 8 or 9 on the road in Cincinnati or Houston, respectively? Or does he return in Week 10 against the Steelers, a team he lost to 51-34 the last time he faced them? There might not be an ideal time.

30. New York Giants

2017 record: 1-5
Week 6 ranking: No. 31

Injuries have ravaged the Giants, but they've at least ended their winless start to the season. The other bit of good news is that from now until Thanksgiving, they'll have to leave home just once. Sure, their opponents will be the Seahawks, Rams and Chiefs. But at least they're at MetLife Stadium.

31. San Francisco 49ers

2017 record: 0-6
Week 6 ranking: No. 29

According to Elias Sports Bureau, the 49ers are the first team in NFL history to lose five straight by three or fewer points in a season. That's not exactly the kind of streak the 49ers would like to extend, but they'd probably like to keep it close against the Cowboys, Eagles and Cardinals over the next three weeks.

32. Cleveland Browns

2017 record: 0-6
Week 6 ranking: No. 32

The Browns are an FPI underdog in each of their remaining 10 games, but they do play three of the next four at home. An 0-16 season seemed possible last year, and if they can't get through this current stretch without a win, it might be possible this year.